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By Abacityblog – February 11, 20180

Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu, the former governor of Abia State has lambasted former President Olusegun Obasanjo over his letter to President Muhammadu Buhari.

Kalu, an All Progressives Congress(APC) chieftain was reacting to Obasanjo’s recent statement, where he advised Buhari to shelve his 2019 second term ambition.

Speaking in an interview with Blueprint Newspaper, Kalu said; “Former President Obasanjo is used to writing letters. He is the only angel on earth. When he was president, nobody was criticizing him. If you criticize him you become his enemy. This man does not own this country! His brought corrupting into politics.

“I was a governor under him. I had written him a letter and he has not replied. As governor, I wrote him and said that the corruption that he was talking about is under his table. He has not replied that letter till today.

“He knows that the international security agencies know that he has stolen a lot of money and channeled to some banks and industries. It is an open secret. If he doesn’t know, I know. So, all these his self righteousness should stop.

“Honestly, former President Obasanjo is supposed to be in jail; he is not supposed to be moving around. Jonathan was supposed to put this man in jail; he was lucky because we had already agreed with Yar’adua that he is supposed to be in jail. He spent $16 billion on electricity.

“A man who came into office with only N20,000, go to Otta and see how his farm has been upgraded. Go to Abeaokuta and see his mansions. Where did he get the money from? He sponsored his failed third term but he denied doing so. Should Nigerians continue to trust a man like that!?

“I am surprised that people still greet Obasanjo and open their houses for him to enter! That is the truth! I am very, very surprised! His letter to Buhari is just sheer arrogance. I still insist that he has no moral right whatsoever to have written that letter.

Speaking further, Kalu recalled how he loaned the People Democratic Party, PDP, the money it used in building up the party during Obasanjo’s reign, but the former President asked the party not to pay him back.

He said;

“I loaned N500 million to PDP and President Obasanjo said that they should not give me back. Chairman Barnabas Gemade said I should be paid and he quarreled with Gemade, a very honest and gentle man. My quarrel with Obasanjo is not about that loan that he asked the party not to pay me. My quarrel is that he wasn’t doing what the constitution says he should do. After all, he christened me Action Governor of Nigeria in Aba when he came to commission projects.

“So, my quarrel with him is his greed and self righteousness. The only righteous person in Nigeria is OBJ. How do you think a man like that can be useful to this country? He misused an opportunity given to him by God.

“God gave him the opportunity to be an elected president in 1999 and he used that opportunity to acquire so much wealth for himself and left the country that he was asked to take care off.

“He sold almost all government properties to himself and his cronies by way of privatisation. And he thinks people don’t know?

“President Buhari should investigate the activities of Obasanjo to know where we stand.

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