Orlu War:ESN Threatens Company Whose Staff Rescued A fleeing Soldier

We’re Calling on Manager/Management of Charles Aluminum Company in Orlu Imo State to provide to us their Workers who rescued One of Nigeria Military while on Run earlier 25 Jan During the Nigeria Army Vs ESN Physical combat in Orlu .

From a leaked Video we have ‘ We saw when a military man on Comoflage ran into Charles Aluminum Company With the help of a suspected worker.

It’s Unnecessary to Accommodate those Terrorist on army uniforms in our Land.
We suffered to make life unsuitable for them in our Land but accommodating them is what we’re not going to accept therefore we’re giving The management from now to “28 of Jan” to provide to us those behind it or else we shall Visit your company in our next Move And you will have yourself to be Blame.

Make this Viral so that The Company will not say that we didn’t warn them before we come. ~ ESN

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