Oshiomohole: The ‘bulldozing’ bull In China’s shop, by Abdullahi O. Haruna (The plantain shoots kills its mother/BA)

Oshiomohole, the proverbial bull in China’s shop. He is on a furious lane, accelerating dangerously the end of a political party that ended the reign of impunity in our polity, like the people they berated, the APC is wearing the infamous mask of yesterday. Under her current leadership, impunity is now her creed, imposing candidates left, right and centre to the disgusting consternation of common sense. How did a party that promised so much sanity now enmeshed in the ugly stench of undemocratic manifestations?

Apart from its presidential primaries that recorded rancour-free exercise, almost all its gubernatorial, senatorial and House of Representatives are subjects of vexed outcomes with deep-rooted discordant vituperations. So, pained and disgruntled are the aspirants that governors stormed the villa to ask the President Muhammadu Buhari to call the party chairman to order. The discordant tunes are all the same; the leadership of the party is hell-bent imposing candidates on the people.

Take the case of Kaduna and Niger states, as against the general will of the people, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole is doing everything possible to return senators who failed in their party primaries. In Niger state, the trio of Senators David Umaru, Abdullahi Sabe and Mohammed Sani Wada were roundly defeated by new entrants of Muhammed Sani Musa, Muhammed Enagi Bima and Zakari Jikantoro. While the people rejoiced of their choice, the leadership of the party sticks obstinately to bringing back the incumbent losers. Feelers have it that, the party is dangling automatic tickets as a boost to its plan of impeaching the senate president, Senator Bukola Saraki. But why sacrifice the fortune of a political party at the whims of personal ego and needless dictatorial braggadocio?

Senator Bukola is obviously like the calabash in water, no matter how hard you try suppressing it; it will bounce up in rapid ease. There is nothing wrong in conceding to the superior sagacity of Saraki at this point in time. He has beaten you to your wits, instead of a needless war of attrition and boxing shadows, allow him to go in his triumphant feat. Running from a fight is not a submission to defeat but a strategy to come back more prepared. Dragging the fortunes of the APC on the altar of personal vendetta would spell doom for the party. Withdrawing the candidacy of those who won their primaries for those who lost in the exercise is not only undemocratic but also wicked and satanic.

Nothing ends the fortune of a political party than the deliberate subversion of the people’s will. How can you overlook a process that was faultless, rancour-free and credible and instead endorse what is obviously an illegality? Why is the national chairman unnecessarily heating the polity and setting the party for self-destruction?

Subverting the people’s will is nothing but drawing the irks of confusion and people’s revolt. We have gone past the era of blatant imposition and subversion. You can’t use the toils of others to settle your score, retaining the defeated senators with a promise of automatic tickets so that they can impeach Saraki is not only petty but unethical. We must not go back to the days of the locust.

Time it is the comrade chairman retrace his dictatorial claws stuck them in the pocket of civility and bring forth democratic virtues that can better the fortunes of All Progressive Congress, otherwise like the bulldozing bull in China’s shop, he may be the ultimate undertaker of the party.

Mr Haruspice is the Editor -in- Chief, World Entourage Magazine


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