Few months ago, a good friend of mine was chatting with me all the way from the United State of America. After we had some good conversation about life and sundry issues. He said to me that he always loved to read my post. He said to me that each day he closes from his work, he always ended up on my page. I smiled and I thanked him very well. He praised me and encouraged me to do more. I couldn’t say much, I kept on saying ‘Thank you, thank you.’ He was fast in typing, and I couldn’t take much of his commendation anymore, jokingly I said to him, Ore, I am blushing. He said to me that he would be around this coming December for the Christmas. He said we shall see and I quickly told him to please come along with him plenty of dollars and we both laughed. Case closed.

This morning, I saw his message again while I was busy in the Office to complete my story coming tomorrow.

He asked, Tunde, what is happening between Buhari and Osinbajo?

And I told him, I don’t know. I told him Buhari and Osinbajo are both in the APC and I don’t poke nose into peoples matters.

He asked again, am I not aware that Buhari is about to rubbish Osinbajo and throw him into the dustbin after the election?

I told him again, that I am not aware.

He asked me another question that would the APC last in this manner they are doing? He said the party is not stable.

In order to save my time, I told him that, ‘let the dead bury their dead.’ He laughed out. He said he wants me to say something to what is happening, so I asked him that has he ever read KING LEAR, BY WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE. He said no. And so I told him that Osinbajo is synonymous to King Lear in William Shakespeare.

I told him that Lear was the Chief Protagonist in one of the tragedies written by William Shakespeare. Lear was doing fine, he was rolling in opulent, perhaps he must have read and became a Professor. He was living in luxuries and his life was a proverbial bed of roses. He was doing fine, until his hubristic fatal flaw, his fortune and his position witnessed a complete reversal which brought about his overnight downfall thereby reducing him from phenomenally prosperous to pathetically penurious and disgrace. Lear was expelled out of his palatial mansions and his position.

I told him, Osinbajo is coming to that too since he has joined the APC. I told him that I heard Osinbajo has been expelled from Aso Rock to Oritameta Challenge. He laughed and thanked me. He wanted to ask me more question, but I quickly directed him to when Jesus said to a man, “let the dead bury their own dead.”

It’s APC matter please. Ejí kí oloku osin oku é o.

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