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Our religion is to help the less privileged…/Seyi Odetola


Feel delighted, yes feel excited…but immigration challenge still lurks on…

I met a lazy months ago and I could visibly see she was under some stress.

I approached her to see what her challenges was and she narrated an endless storyline that could only make Nollywood.

At the bottom of the story was the usual witches and wizard manifesting in her blood sister etc.

My first intention is to debunk the belief and in order to do that, the immediate challenge which was hunger must be dealt with.

She was in the store to buy sandwiches but could not get enough of her pennies to pay for it.

I walked her back into the store and told her to go around and pick what she thinks will see her through the month.

At the end of her shopping experience, the shopping basket was around £63 or so. The shopping was paid for and I gave her some pocket money.

She asked for my name and I told her my name. She asked, oh, you Yoruba? I said yes. She then told me she was from Rivers state.

I collected her number because the other leg of her problem was housing. I could not bring her into my house unfortunately.

She was also looking for job and her immigration status makes help from me in thst regard impossible.

But I advised her to keep looking for job in the black market.

At a time, she got a job with an agency and apparently the agency was manned by a Nigerian, a Yoruba.

She worked for a month and the company didn’t pay her knowing her immigration status.

She met me and told me how the woman that runs the agency threatened her with immigration.

I did advise her to leave the company.

But all along, her application to regularise her application was in the home office though turned down twice and she was on appeal.

All through these period, I have footed her food bills and pocket money.

Yesterday, the lady called me and she told me she will like to see me. I forgot to send her the support on Monday and my mind was, Wow, damn it, I forgot!!! I made online transfer to her friend’s account.

She called me back when the friend told her I did a transfer. She said, “uncle, I will like to see you”. I told her we agreed tomorrow but she said today.

I obliged her and we met. Two of her friends came with her. She started crying and crying.

I was confused and asked her why? Why? Why?

She said: “uncle, I met you on the street and you helped me. My blood sisters, two of them refused to support me. I was starving when I met you and you fed me. Each time I came to you and see your grey hair, it reminds me of my father, though late now. What can I do for you uncle? Nothing. You never took advantage of me when I was most vulnerable. Uncle, what can I do? Uncle, uncle, Home Office has given me my papers”

At the hearing of that, I screamed. I hugged her and my emotion was ket lose. I CRIED.

I remembered when she told me Pastor Sulaimon from Nigeria told her that her sister was behind her predicament. For 12years, no papers and no children etc. He told her that each time good wants to come her way, they will block it etc.

It took me time to convince her that the good thing in her life is her being able to see every beautiful day and that what Sulaimon categorise as good thing in life is mundane. I did convince her to always thank God for the gift of life rather than the mundane of life etc

Today, I am joy, excited, happy to see another life lifted up…

My prayers is, everyone in similar situation will come in contact with a man of destiny to offer support…Amen

Our religion is to feed the hungry, house the homeless etc

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