#Owerrijailbreak: How did the fortress fall?/Kissinger Ikeokwu + One response

Let’s talk straight.

The area housing Imo Police Command and the Owerri Prisons is known as a fortress. It is the 2nd most safe guarded place in Imo State outside Obize 34 Field Artillary Brigade.

What gives it that sense if invincibility is that the Prisons share fence with the State Police Command which houses about 5-6 tactical teams behind it with personnel who keep watch 24 hours guarding their high valued criminal suspects from StateCID, SCIB, Scorpion Squad, Monitoring Unit, Anti-Cult, etc. side their personnel on night shifts they coordinate with their various Patrol & Tactical Teams who work 12 hours round the clock on patrol in various junctions and key and vulnerable points and always ready to be called upon and be directed to places of security interest.

Next is the Old DSS Headquarters, next is the Shell Camp Police Division with it’s own share of personnel on 24 hours duty. Straight from Wetheral Road is the Owerri Fire Service Area Command with a Division sharing with it. And next is the powerful Anti-Kidnapoing Unit. But that is not all the reason the area is dreaded. The Police Barrack houses good number of Senior Police Officers and the Rank and Files in on and off duty. But the biggest is that next is the Government House with it’s retinue of Security for all round protection to the Governor and the Keypoint. But much more is the next Fence Booooom… The Oga kpatakpata of them all… The Residence of the Commander 34 Field Artillary Brigade Obinze always occupied by a Brigadier General. You can then imagine how much officers guard the place. Then few walls the Commissioner of Police Residence.

In the past no one dared mess up in these areas because while attacking one, there is fear the others from the other high valued targets would regroup and launch a deadly cover fire.

So how did these people dare all the consequences to attack these heavily fortified bases without any urgency or surreptitious operation? How come none of the security personnel attached to those other high valued bases not regroup to organise a counter operation? The planning, musterpoint, effontery, surprise factor, choice of date of execution, razzmatazz, no hurry, precision, evacuation and dissapearance bear the mark of persons led by people with military experience.

We may be in for the worst in terms of security as a nation. The way people attack military formations suggest the Nigerian military and security agencies may have lost their fear factor. These happens when citizens lose their sense of patrotism following decades of poor or lack of investment in human resource capital. The situation has degenerated to a state where citizens feel to die is not different from being alive. Citizens embracing life of jungle as militia away from the comfort of civil living.

We are living in troubling times.

Kissinger Ikeokwu


The Entire leadership of the force know what happened. They purposed the jail break to use it to cause insecurity in East then send in the police and army to destabilize the region. The East is too calm and business is going on. They centre would love the east to boil as killings are going on in Ebonyi and Imo agog with the force… Eheeeenn….
the region wouldn’t be destabilised too. Abi why should the east enjoy so much peace for business inspite of all the atrocities committed against it.

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