#Pantami:Only an unreasonable administration will retain Pantami/Wike

"Oh God, give victory to the Taliban and to al-Qaeda’ (Allahumma ’nṣur Ṭālibān wa-tanẓīm al-Qā‘ida).” @DrIsaPantami , March 2019

Governor of Rivers, Nyesom Wike has stated that a resonable government will not allow Isa Pantami, Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, in its cabinet.

Speaking in an interview with the African Independent Television (AIT) on Tuesday, in Port Harcourt, Governor Wike said in an ideal society, the allegations against Pantami should jolt any government into action.

“No government can fold its hands and allow it. I don’t understand why any reasonable government will allow such a person to be in the cabinet,” the governor said.

“But you were here when DSS wrote a report against (Ibrahim) Magu. What happened? Look, I have never seen a country that your secret service wrote a report about the nominee of Mr President, questioning his character and the rest, and that he is not appointable. What happened? So, what are you talking about. What removed Magu is a power play.”

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