PEACE KILLERS PEOPLE AND POWER..May The Good Lord heal Sierra Leone Soon…/-Godwin NdidiAmaka ROBINSON


Crimes regarded as Crime against humanity especially in Africa our world is eager to hear even though it takes so long years. Watching the Al jazzera Documentary on Ecomog activities and legal machinery stored up for exposition and redress is baffling. Once more this puts my beloved country in the eyes of the storm accused of cruel violations of Human rights..

Please don’t ask me how I feel with these heart wrenching video evidence against my countrymen..

Apparently we are aware Crime neither die nor expires. Especially when it is done against human lives. How I wish men of power would quickly realize how transient power was and is still?

How I wish they would realize deep hate for the weak citizens And unarmed Civilians would be accounted for some day? A voice from the Universe shall roar for Accountability and Justice!

May The Good Lord heal Sierra Leone Soon…-Godwin NdidiAmaka ROBINSON

Peace Killers : People and Power

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