POLITICAL ACTIVIST HAS NO PERMANENT FRIEND/Genuine Democracy is not that cheap as you think..by Godwin Ndidiamaka Robinson


“There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest.”
― Elie Wiesel

Political activism do not maintain personal friendship for very long, we can only maintain truth. Such activism knows know religion, creed, race, gender or ethnicity..
It is remarkable that almost every fellow who fought to bring today’s government in-power has been bruised or wounded by the government execution of the law from her point of view.

It is on record that those who for the fear of getting into trouble have been mute in the public but speak in their closet even harshly considering their previous expectations and today’s political image in the public domain.
I shall not want to bother you with the lineup of battered and bruised Nigerian Progressives, who today would be ashamed to raise their voice in the public for what they claim to represent…
Some of them are relegated to state politicians, confined into shame and naked, while some others are sent to destroy the political structures they labored and built within their state and geopolitical zones with no guaranteed positive outcome in their favour..
The dogs indeed have returned to their vomit..

Back to my point, there is no absolute love or eternal romance in political activism, if you have to go such way, it goes to show you are unfit for the position and ugly compromise.
This beautiful task is not for everyone as such we cant demand such from all.

You should speak the truth and stand for the truth when you see one, you should detest Injustice and love humanity passionately.
You should be able to speak the truth even when it discomforts you..
So in-view of that I leave you to rearrange yourself on what your claims are towards Activism.. You dont have to be in it to enrich yourself..
Not for your community or ethnicity.. You should be in it for humanity who shall inturn stand for you when the time arises, they also will retain your footsteps on the sands of time…
I shall profile the detention record of one popular resolute human right activist of our time.. I believe this record will help you to have a rethink and do better….

Below are 32 of Chief Gani Fawehinmi Detention Record..

Police Headquarters, Kaduna, 1969

Jos Police Station, 1969

Ilorin Police Station, 1969

Police Headquarters, Lagos, 1969

Police Headquarters, Lagos 1972 (twice)

C. I. D. Alagbon, Lagos, 1978

Inter-Centre Detention Outpost, Lagos, 1978

Ikoyi Police Station,1978

Panti Police Station, Lagos, 1987

Panti Police Station, Lagos, 1988 (three times)

Police Station Ikeja, 1988

Panti Police Station, Lagos, 1989 (twice)

Ikoyi Police Station, 1989

SSS Cell Maiduguri, 1989

SSS Cell Awolowo Road, Ikoyi 1991

C. I. D. Police Station Ikoyi, 1992

Police Station Wuse Abuja, 1992

Inter-Centre Cell, Lagos 1993

SSS Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, 1993

C. I. D. Police Station Ikoyi, 1993

Police Station Wuse Abuja, 1993

Police Headquarters, Abuja, 1993

Panti Police Station, Lagos, 1994

F. I. I. B. Alagbon, Ikoyi, Lagos 1994 (Once)

Panti Police Station, Lagos, 1995 (Twice)

SSS Shangisha Cell Lagos, 1995 (Once)

SSS Shangisha Cell Lagos, 1996 (Once)

Congratulations again as you readjust your Democracy activism seat.. Fellow Nigerians, this seems a longwalk home to freedom however if you are tired on the day of trouble your strenght is not only small but you may as well have systematically chosen captivity… We salute you again.. Genuine Democracy is not that cheap as you think..
-Godwin NdidiAmaka ROBINSON


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