Power Belongs To God…Misuse It And You Will Pay/GNR

OPPRESSION: The Almighty God has no reason empowering you with Power and Authority if it’s not to make the life of other people better through your Sound and Positive decisions.

In a case where Oppressing Other Humans comes to your mind, the moment you arrived a position of power, you emerged Oppressive agent working for the evilone..

It doesn’t matter Howmuch the wickedness you unleash on other people makes you feel..

Even at that, your Judgment is Compulsory. You can predict what such Judgment would become! The Almighty has a known Precedence for rewarding oppressors. In some Cases, they are left with stinking memories..

Bare in mind, it doesn’t matter your backers nor those who cruelty cheer you up in your cruelty… You shall pay!

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