Presidential Aide attacks Jonathan

Presidential aide writes on Jonathan
“We know that his government was chronologically and scandalously corrupt. There is no doubt about it. The evidence is in Jonathan’s Petroleum minister and the few billions of naira we have seized from her property. That property is more than the budgets of the northern states put together in four years. So, what is he talking about? There was unemployment, fuel scarcity and a lot of money was stolen under his watch,” he said.
We are going to be in this problem for long,since this is the thought pattern of the leaders.Government is about continuity.. You study the problem…come with blue prints…execute your ideas..and the next person takes over. Now the opposition will reply by pointing out that in 2 years APC has done more damage than 16 years of PDP rule.Abuses will start flying… We are too busy fighting.By the time we remember we are hungry then we want food.Everyone was in the fight…so engaged we could not send bags to Agric minister Audu Ogbeh

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