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Pretty lady beaten to death by husband


Domestic violence is gaining traction again with the recent news of South African 42-year-old woman that was beaten to dead by her heartthrob. Mrs. Manotsi Lemao died after she went to her cousin place to recover from the brutal assault she suffered from her sweetheart.

While speaking to Jornalists, her cousin Mateboho Selokoma revealed that the late Manotsi was always at the receiving end of beating by her husband.

She said: “He found the boyfriend. He told him that he and Manotsi had a fight earlier and she was sleeping. I then went to check on her and I found her brutally beaten. She had a blue eye and her body was swollen. She could not walk on her own. She said her boyfriend had beaten her up. I took her to the doctor. X-rays revealed that she had a broken leg.”

She revealed that the final days of the victim was spent in pain and agony while she attempt to recover from the broken foot. The deacease was hence complaining that her foot was paining her before her untimely death.

She said: “Before she died, she complained that her foot was itchy. She said her heart was beating too slow, and she fell on my son’s bed and died. Had this man not beaten her, she would still be alive.I wish the law would take its course.”

Say no to DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. Lets stop killing each other.

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