Quota System and kaduna Teachers/Steve Atogi

On Kaduna Teachers.
People may lament, curse, mock, throw blames on the teachers or the governor. But, in all the uproar on the mass failure of 24,000 Kaduna teachers on Competency Test, I haven’t read where the genesis of the problem is explicated and recommendations to avert from such, is given. It has mostly being, the pro-sack and anti-sack. The truth is avoided like it doesn’t matter. And that negligence is the first deliberate act of ensuring a reoccurrence and sustainability of mediocrity in the education system.
Few questions come to mind. Who taught the Kaduna teachers? Who certified them in all their examinations to their last academic qualification? On what basis were they employed in the first place? A critical look at it points to one thing I’ve written against on this wall: QUOTA SYSTEM.
I once argued that quota system is a big evil against youths from the North and it’s a generational curse which on the long run affects national progress in no small way. Look around you and you will find more quota products in highly sensitive and powerful portfolios in all facets of government. In the National Assembly, FG, state governments, federal and state civil service, MDAs etc. quota system products abound. Employed not because of intellectual and skilled competence but quota of mediocrity which in turn is counterproductive to national development.
Let me reiterate, quota system is evil, not just against the North but against the country as a whole. The proponents of quota system argue that it’s to make the North at par with the South in terms of education and FG employment, however, it indeed, pushes the North to the abyss of retrogression with a generational effect of underdevelopment. Quota system should be discarded with immediate effect, and credibility and qualitative standard replaced. I will end this with few questions: Are the children of the Northern elite being taught by quota system product? Are the Northern elite kids admitted based on quota when they go overseas? Will the Northern elite allow himself to be treated by a quota system physician in an hospital in the North?

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