Just last week, the federal government apportioned ministerial portfolios to all the appointed ministers which included serving and new persons.

The ways that the portfolios have been shared have become a source of debate among politically active Nigerians. One particular ministerial portfolio, ministry of interior, caught my attention and curiosity particularly because of its sensitivity and also to whom it has been allocated to. I am of the opinion that a honest government would channel it’s efforts sufficiently toward the area where the nation is failing in terms of a strong and capable appointment.

In the case of Nigeria, lets forget that Nigeria is seriously struggling with her internal security.

Lives are wasted everyday, even our best law enforcement agents are wasted through our mistakes and discounted human lives ideology.

Is this the best time to appoint Rauf to man our internally challenged security machinery? There is no doubt the man is a goodman and can do a lot of Good things but not on this internal security matters, because it seems a serious one at this time..

Does this Goodman have some security background we don’t know yet? Did he acquire them while office as governor of State of Osun or after he had left? What should be our response if we are questioned about our honestly in solving our security challenges?

It was alleged, that he cried out for help, over his knowing about it. I don’t know how true that report was.

Do not tell us to go and pray while our appointments do not totally reflect our prayers or are we totally disconnected from the required tools to building prosperous and equitable Nation?

Let all the honest reasonable pastors and Imams speak up over this one appointment causing ripples in the intelligence and security community..

Is this appointment for something as sensitive as security our honest best shot even With our array of retired and serving intelligence officers in the intelligence community? Some Nigerians are of the opinions that with crimes within every geopolitical zones seems so coordinated with some touch of intelligence, are we to celebrate the appointment of Rauf on that chair and act as though all is well?

I guess there have been more questions than answers in this article. But while I feel concerned for our corporate social existence and remain solid that we shall rise out of this rubbles, our approach to talking this security menace must assume a proactive stand beginning from the way we make our appointments

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