Religion is the first problem and impunity comes second…tribalism and corruption struggling for third position

So during the Shiloh of winners chapel… Women with children. Borrow money to come to the site to beg for money.I met another one today. When they are apprehended.. Their takings are confiscated by the church officials. Reason..the church preaches prosperity and this is contradictory.. Besides most are non members of the church.
Na wao..what happened to the story of the good Samaritan.?.. And the dual story of Jesus feeding over 5000 followers..even when there was no record that they paid tithes.
I maintain.. Religion is our biggest problem..followed by impunity… Corruption and tribalism are struggling for the third position.


I have told you several times that religion is our biggest problem..followed by tribalism…. corruption comes after impunity

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