Removal Of Ex IGP Adamu Was A Matured Move By The Presidency/BA

Removal of serving officers while on official job is a SACK

Ex IG{P Adamu is due for retirement but has used his closeness to certain persons to remain on the chair.

Granted the return of Pres Buhari may signal an attempt to reinstate him..but since the returning date is unknown..Adamu may have gone for good.

Sacked IGP Adamu


His sack is an indication that the presidency understands that the situation in imo is a complex one and logic should be used to match logic.

Whether ESN was responsible for jail break or not..ESN has the backing of the masses for controlling herdsmen who happen to be the most popular criminals recently. That herdsmen are not the only criminals is not news in imo…but their removal means the end of open grazing.

Imolites know the problem is their governor and believe the governor is controlled by Aso Rock…using extreme force as the last IGP suggested was to endorse that the north has finally declared war on imo state.

What is happening in imo is complex and has not allgot to do with IPOB

Its a conflict for supremacy between Traditional power.. revolutionary power and constitutional power

Its a fight where the church has already taken sides. And the church is a potent force in the state.

Its a fight where certain radical elements of extremism are ready to kill innocent Nigerians from the north in other to attract retaliation and a full scale war.

Luckily the imolites are one of the most educated Nigerians and citizens constantly reflect.

Aso Rock has to go back to the drawing table

Imo society is in need of a a new hero or a sacrificial lamb…Hope qualifies for both. Aso rock can support Hope to execute private sector development of SMEs or sacrifice him.
sacrificing hope will mean killing the party in imo…helping him to survive is more stable.
Whether Hope or Aso rock is interested in the employment of youths via SMES is the question

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