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Reprisal killings in Taraba State?


Mustapha Gembu wrote
Taraba killings : Several fulanis communities were attacked last night and at early hours of today in Lau LGA.

Attackers are combined efforts of Bachama, Yandang and Mumuye militias.

21 have been confirmed killed and over 500 displaced.

Houses burned down at Kiri, Santuraki and many more villages
I won’t be surprised if this is true…its a cycle of reprisals

Survivors fleeing battle grounds.In their own country kwa
Enoch Philip Dangoji‚Äč wrote
I don’t believe they got to ALL those lands before the other tribes.
Oral tradition would have hinted that since history has been unable to document such.
Indeed they have been living peaceful with their neighbors. I am not Fulani but my surname is an anglicised Fulani name. That is to tell you that in my village Fulanis do live there. There are those Fulani who settled down and bought lands to rear their cattle, we also have those who have an annual pattern of migration and usually pay royalties to herd their cattle in the dry season on our farms. In fact we like such because they provide manure for the next planting season.
Animosity between farmers and herdsmen is not new but these days they are worse and is not just between them and farmers but whole communities. Why is it like that? Is it because the communities no longer accommodate them, no? It is because nobody has come out to tell them they no longer route their cattle properly. It is also because our borders are porous and they come in and go at will. It is about time the Fulani decides to be a Nigerian, a Nigerien, a Chadian or a Malian so that those that are Nigerians would be properly attended to.
Forget this issue about farms taking up grazing routes. The population is expanding, civilization is changing lifestyles but the pastoralists refuse to change. Thus, granting them colonies if they haven’t chosen to become Nigerians will never change their lifestyle cos as the seasons change, they would want to change locations.

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