Reviving The Textile Sector…Any Lesson Learnt?


I like the idea of reviving the textile manufacturing sector..those governors trying to revive the sector should be aware that The very factors that led to the collapse are still there.If you do not solve these problems… You will just be throwing money into the sea.

Benjamin Amaechi is with Godwin NdidiAmaka Robinson and 28 others.
July 9, 2015 at 8:56 AM ·
President Muhammadu Buhari said Wednesday in
Abuja that as part of its plans to reduce unemployment
in the country, his administration will give full attention
to the rapid revival of ailing and moribund textiles,
mining and agro-based industries.
At an audience with a delegation of foreign investors,
President Buhari declared that the creation of more jobs
for Nigeria’s unemployed youth was the key objective
of his administration’s economic agenda and will be
pursued with the greatest possible dedication.
“I still recall with clarity that at some point, the textile
industry in Nigeria was employing about 320,000
Nigerians. But today, the same industry employs less
than 30,000 people and the factories operate below
capacity or they are completely closed.
Now let’s move to stage two… Your media boys should start off the discussions on fb… I will bring in the experts.. Good one

Magnus Oraka wrote

Do you know that the jean material is made from 100% cotton? Do you know that 60% of Nigerians may have at least worn clothes made from jean. Do you know that 100% of the jean fabric in Nigeria is imported? Do you know that the volume of cotton that we produce in Nigeria can satisfy the jean demand of the Africa continent? Do you know that the best our textile industry can and have produced is the Nigeria wax with poor graphic alignment, texture, and durability? Do you know that the popular “Holandis” our wives buy so expensively at a rate that is 10 times our local Nigeria wax is made from the same cotton? Do you know that Kaduna state alone has 3 textile factories and efforts by different administrations to render them functional has proved abortive? Do you know that if these textile factories had been sited in the east there is no way an Igbo man will allow them to collapse? When will our government, particularly from the North, focus on perfecting their God given natural wealth?
I have asked the questions you provide the answers.
I don talk my own o!
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