Riding On A Tiger’s Back



You see its easier to start problems than to solve them…and this habit of covering up things will undo us.

Some Nigerians have selected a date to sit in front of the UN building showing the the video of brutal killing of some youths along aba road by soldiers. The international amazon Uwakwe-mangse Hanna is coordinating this as usual and she has provided dozens of international contacts for people to send protest to. Surely the video will soon be on CNN.Why would a group of soldiers capture the killing of unarmed Nigerians on tape..simple… They know they won’t be punished …they don’t care about the consequences of what they are doing…they are wicked.

One direct effect will be that they have clearly “banned” Buhari from visiting either the united nations or the united states for a while. Not to mention possible suspension of arms sale from USA to fight BH war. I can visualize Shekau giggling. I don’t know if the army will identify and prosecute the soldiers whose faces are shown in that video with SPEED.

I am over 80% sure the clip was not acted

Scene Two

There is another video and in my opinion acted.Where some 5 youths..clearly from the nearby motor part were seen asking if there are Hausas in a minibus in SE.

There must have been more small groups on that road.

The obvious intent is to trigger killings in the north. That particular movie is a 1967 movie that was based on some happenings in SW and North.

Why did they risk their faces on tape..because they know they won’t be punished…don’t care about the consequences and because they are wicked.

The obvious thing to do is to identify the faces and prosecute the owners.

But we will not do that.

Riding on a tigers back has two sidea

Now you see why Angel Gabriel threw away our file

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