Ronaldo stole my celebration

The Australian international was known for standing with his arms flexed and his chest pumped out after scoring, and CR7 has a same trademark, albeit with a jump and spin added.

“I’d never thought about it, but it isu true they do look alike,” Bresciano admitted, speaking to SBS.

“I’d say the comparisons stop there though!”

The 38-year-old spent most of his career in Serie A, but after retiring in 2015 he has taken a rather unusual career path.

“I don’t miss football, but I do miss the ball. Now I invest in real estate, and I deal with the growing of marijuana for medicinal purposes.

“This project gives me the incentive to get up every day and quite literally brings me joy.”

Bresciano was also asked for the best player he came across in his career.

“Unfortunately we didn’t play together for long [at Parma], but I have to say Fabio Cannavaro went at 1,000 miles an hour.

“He trained with the same intensity with which he’d play a World Cup final.”


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