Atiku’s ambition and el-Rufai’s ranting.
Over the last week as soon as Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, former president and businessman defected to the opposition People’s Democratic Party, PDP, there went up a volley of sweet nonsense from the stables of the embattled governor of Kaduna state, Malam Nasir el-Rufai, trying to talk Nigeria out of their resolve to change a poverty spreading government. It amused me greatly to see el-Rufai turn himself into a de facto campaign manager for President Muhammadu Buhari, who is at a loss what to do about his house collapsing right before him.
We know why el-Rufai has been assaulting Atiku since he defected to the PDP. Standing with Atiku, Buhari, Rufai’s principal looks like a dwarf in terms of how people’s lives have been affected. In a fair and free election, Buhari cannot get ten thousand votes across Nigeria in 2019. It is a fact. Since he came to the Aso Rock villa as Nigeria’s president, it has been a tale of woes across the land. It has been a catalogue of ethnic chauvinism, religious bigotry, divisive and insensitive policies, people hating economic moves, vendetta, victimization, reinstating outlawed and wanted criminals, shielding serial law breakers and so on.
The foregoing has given rise to making the already bloated calls for Atiku to come and be president, run over. Let us look at what makes Atiku stand out. How is it that a single man cuts across the country as the bridge connecting men and women from all classes? First, I’d like to say as a business man he has succeeded tremendously in establishing one of Nigeria’s, nay Africa’s most popular and outstanding universities which, apart from providing jobs to many, has made quality education affordable. This is while Buhari’s ‘policies’ [?] are throwing people out of jobs in droves.
Education is said to be the bedrock of a nations development. Buhari’s children all schooled or school abroad and he has appointed a journalist for us as a minister of education. The Director general or chairman or whatever of the National University Commission under him just celebrated the graduation of his child from a university abroad. What a country!
Atiku is humane and smart in thinking outside the box. He has consistently maintained that the agitation of the Easterners and the southerners be addressed in a dialogue. He has often spoken for restructuring. A leader should call people to table and not the type of high handedness and brutality of the president which has ended up affecting the fabrics of this country.
Taking of popularity, the political strength of the president has waned drastically even in his so called power base, Kano, since people realized he was demystified from being a messiah to just a man who is elitist and does not care about the people. For our information, the people aren’t asking for too much. Give them jobs, good roads, make things affordable and let them have electricity. None of these have been produced by this government. Atiku, as an individual has been in touch with the people while the president the elected has been enjoying himself in London.
Atiku’s acceptability across the country is not in doubt. He is the only politician who has the clout of a bridge builder. He is the only politician who still thinks like a youth at the moment. He understands the pains of the youths, he shares their yearnings. An Atiku president won’t appoint an eighty year old grandpa as ambassador to the United States. He would seek technocrats to man sensitive positions in the country. This is business mindedness. He will not favour cronies and jeopardise results.
This is why I personally believe that el-Rufai is suffering from panic. He knows the reality of the situation. A big masquerade has stepped into the dance. Ineffectiveness and maladministration is about to be exposed.
Run, Atiku run for the sake of fatherland. Run.

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