Save Sadiq Baba

If we are looking for 20 Senators to donate 1million each to save Svadiq Dabah’s life, we are simply wasting precious time. If 20,000 people come out and transfer just N1,000 each into that account as we speak, we would have raised 20million in less than a day. There was hardly a teenager in the 70s and 80s (who are now bigger boys and girls) who didn’t know Bitrus on TV. As for me, we however got close aside TV when I was playing with the IQ Band at The Calabash in Victoria Island in Lagos in the 90s when he always came around to watch us with Danladi Bako and others. Quite a jolly good fellow and a friend to all. That guy should not die I beg…!
Now, let’s do this….If you ever watched COCKCROW AT DAWN those years, let’s start representing here by donating 1k into that account. God willing, by tomorrow morning we would have made a magnanimous impact… I’ve just done mine!
Frm fretless olojoba

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