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Saving the home series by Alex Agbo (Part 1)

Social media has become the undoing of many women. Two key things are happening to the women on social media. Call me chauvinistic until you get to the end of this piece and assess yourself.

In the year 2016, a particular beautiful girl and I were friends on Facebook. She is actually very beautiful, and I mean it. Tall, curvaceous with an hour glass, killer, traffic stopping, shape. Trust Nigerian men. They flocked to her timeline.

Everything she said was right as far as the men were concerned. She would add one of her raunchy pictures to any post she made. The sex-crazed men, who only think with their manhood, would rush there with what they imagined to be compliments. She would rake in comments well over 900. Before long she started a movement of bashing men a la Nigerian brand of feminism.

She urged women to not be married and be tied to men. They should get their independence., they should focus on their careers and a whole load of other garbage.

She called herself a goddess. What was more? Men rushed at her. These included highly placed men. She talked down on married women. She insulted their ‘timidity and naivety’ at making themselves baby factories to men who cheat on them.

I watched as many naïve girls left their beautiful marriages. Her timeline became a pilgrimage of some sort.

One day I took out time to talk to her via inbox. I hardly have time for inbox chatting. But seeing the damage she was doing to so many homes, I decided to create time for the discussion. We chatted for over an hour.


Then one day she disappeared off my radar. She had committed suicide as I later found out. Depression! Before she died, she left a note telling her story of alcohol and drug abuse to fight depression.

The point is that many women have been misled by what they had heard but not seen. They have quit beautiful homes because they want to ‘belong’.  They start troubles, complete the troubles and some kill their husbands in the process.

It is now a praiseworthy thing among women to be single mothers or baby mama as they fondly call it. They deprive children of the fathers’ care and end up breeding half baked children who end up being bitter. This creates a bitter society.

I will address the second key issue and then move to the men’s angle in the series.

God bless you.

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