Scientists May Have Found a Genetic Link to Erectile Dysfunction

Scientists may have discovered a genetic risk factor for erectile dysfunction.

There are many causes of the condition, including obesity, smoking, and cardiovascular problems.

Those are still likely to be the primary reasons men develop the condition.

But researchers have long thought erectile dysfunction (ED) could also have a genetic component.

In other words, some people may be more likely to develop ED due to genetics rather than only from problems that develop later in life.

The new research pinpointed a specific place in the human genome that’s tied to a greater risk of ED.

Erectile dysfunction affects about a third of men over the age of 70, a fifth of men in their 60s, and one-eighth of men younger than 60 — although some studies have suggested a much higher prevalence.

The new research might open the possibility, for some patients, of a future treatment that targets specific genes in order to reduce inherited ED risk.


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