SDP to Senator Sani,join us..they dont want you in APC

The National Publicity Secretary of SDP, Alfa Mohammed, made this known in Kaduna on Friday.

Mohammed said: “We have reached out to some political bigwigs across the state, some of whose names I wouldn’t want to mention here.

“But we have very prominent APC and PDP members coming to us and we had very successful discussions. Some of them are serving legislators.

“Here, we have been communicating with Senator Shehu Sani, but it has not yielded positive result. But I want to use this opportunity to call on him to check out of APC. He should take the most dignified action… in his quest to send the current non performing APC government in Kaduna state packing.
“The incessant harassment and embarrassing suspension being meted on Senator Shehu Sani in his Kaduna State chapter of APC are indications that he is not wanted in the party, because he is not a soul-mate of the APC family who he likened on his Facebook page to a ‘clownish, amoral, perpetual hotel guest, whore client or a glorified and desperate thug.’”


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