Sir You Erred : Ebun Olu Adegoruwa Raps Presidential Aide







Dear Learned counsel,


I thank you for your kind response sir.

First I fail to see what caused your professed amusement in my post and legal opinion on the court order proscribing IPOB sir.


Secondly, you never referred us to any section of the Administration of Criminal Justice Act 2015 which permits the use of criminal procedure to activate the Terrorism (Prevention) Act.


Thirdly sir, I have no doubt in my mind that the suit filed and argued by the Hon Attorney-General of the Federation, is a civil suit, which is clearly indicated by its designation, as Suit No.FHC/CS/871/2017. The CS in this suit number means CIVIL SUIT. You may approach the Federal High registry for a kind confirmation of this sir.


I therefore expect that you would do well to address the legal issues that I’ve raised sir. The purported registration of IPOB in USA or Britain does not make it a competent defendant in the absence of its incorporated trustees.


From the foregoing therefore, I maintain that the order is a nullity and it is unenforceable in law.


I’m glad to be reading well researched opinions of fellow learned friends who have also raised other substantive arguments to the effect that the order is a nullity.


Once again, I thank you for or kind response sir.


Ebun-olu Adegboruwa, Esq.,

Lekki, Lagos.


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