Smartbricks unveils Nollywood couple, Damola and Bukola, as ambassadors

Smartbricks Impact Properties has unveiled Nollywood couple, Damola Olatunji and Bukola Awoyemi, as its ambassadors.

The unveiling held at the company’s office in Isheri, Lagos, on Wednesday was characterised by glamour and the hope inspired by the housing and agricultural facilities unveiled by the company.

The deal, said to be worth millions of naira, is unique in the sense that it is about the first time that a top celebrity couple will be representing an organisation as a family affair.

For instance, while acclaimed actors and producers, Olu Jacob and Joke Silva, have separately promoted several brands, they have not really jointly done so as couple ambassadors.

Both Olatunji and the management of Smartbricks expressed excitement at the deal, with the company’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr Solomon Duke and his wife, Sunmisola, saying the parties represent vital family ideals.

Duke said, “The choice of Damola and Bukola as our ambassadors was informed by our vision, what we intend to do with the project. We intend to project family, love, investment and the future. Why I said family is because we look at people who consider investing for the future for their families; securing the future of that family through investing in real estates, properties – having that orientation about family and promoting them.”

Duke added that the ambassadors were expected to influence the company’s image by promotion and sales. They do this by encouraging families or intending couples to see the future and plan towards it together, while adding values to each other.

For Bukola, popularly called Arugba, based on the role she played in Tunde Kelani’s movie by the same title, the ambassadorial work places core responsibility on she and her husband.

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