Sorround And Compress : Atiku’s Political Stategy

I am not one of his fans..but I just like one thing about him …he is a patient fox…

Remember he was the first person Bukola visited after the red chamber coup.. I asked you to store the picture..

.the lagos lion has made many moves since 2015. The Adamawa fellow will make just one strike and reverberations will follow.He always leaves him opponents weak and panting..never kills them off.Surely negotiations are going on…but what can you offer him. ?…he struck after he finished campaigning for 2019 and probably asked the woman to fire the warning shot.
With restructuring.. He has the entire south with him.. Only a few loyalists to the lion are left.All he needs now is to divide the north. Do you think he went to minna for fun.? Recently too he was in sokoto… (BA)

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