South West is not gullible/Godwin Ndidiamaka Robinson


SOUTHWESTERNERS ARE NO MORONS: I think some brothers of the Southwest should not be as jittery as they appear. You dread they may give in to the pot of Presidential porridge as you dread the Likely consequences; You forget so soon, their other nature of not disclosing their plans till the 11th hour and the Westernhouse across carpeting which forever redefined Nigeria Political landscape wrapped with ethnicity. However, it has been known to be unreliable too; Neither here nor there, their last outing was enough lesson.
I don’t think the outburst was needed. Your brothers are a race of people who keep their last card a secret until the last moment. Unlike the South-easterners and their Southsouth brothers who would come to the negotiation table, dressed with their jerseys, bearing numbers of the wings they intend to play, my Southwest brothers would not drive straight or take a common route with you but would divide their camp and keep taking home the appeasement spoils until the last moment, when they will either crash your hope or drive with you; the suspense however, is important.
Viewing from yet another perspective, they stood for Recruiting, which they called Devaluation of power; you would think these two are one and the same.
If you think they feel your middlebelt pain, you may be wrong. Even the Herdsmen have not spared them, nor their killings evaded them; the Southwesterners have much going for them. Even the Ife killings was silently swept under the carpet as another prize the President is willing to pay to appease them. Only that our own Jagaban was trashed after the last election and his demands were neither met nor considered. But as you also know, the man has lost even his only instrument of negotiations. Ondo, Ekiti, Ogun, Oyo are not his; the electric fish has been left with only two wings, Lagos and Osun.
Please, enjoy the suspense and await the outcome. The Abiola’s recognition may be here but how good a governance is that and how much do you want them to experience Ext in the next four years, should they stand beside PMB?
Just like they did to Jonathan, all the Funds and Projects which found its way into South West never came out nor stood in trial. Like your Poor Olisa Metu and Orubebe, that’s what you don’t have. Even Chief Falaye maintained the dollars he got from the PDP before the 2015 election was based on agreement for collaboration, yet the loot recovery lenses could not reach his corner and nothing happened.
The brothers of the Southwest should either learn or prepare to walk alone as they make do with whatever, as long as it pertains to the next election.
After all these , I think the Southwesterners are no Sophisticated Morons, as alleged by you. They seem to know how to navigate the waters with uncertainty as the games on 2019 Nigeria Presidency go on.

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