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STOP SARS!/Ikechukwu Obi {Can the VP walk the walk after talking?}

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On the day Osinbajo purportedly ordered the IGP to disband (or is it restructure) SARS, the same SARS arrested a journalist, Samuel Ogundipe of Premium Times for reporting on the IGP’s report to Osinbajo on Lawal Daura. Hehehehehe!

Anyway, for that order to be given at all, who says social media isn’t powerful? Supporters of the status quo and defeatists will tell you “all your noise ends on social media”. It’s not true! Please believe me when I tell you that the aggregate of what we write here and the trends we produce impacts seriously on governance.

I’m glad I was part of the #EndSARS.

However, whether the social media campaign will in reality end SARS and its murderous impunity is another matter. For me, what I see is what I take. When the impunity of SARS stops, I will celebrate, not before. We know our country…and our country knows us, apparently./ Ikechukwu Obi

I don’t care if I embarrass Nigeria, Police DCP says

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