That is what the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation is telling Nigerians. I wonder if Nigerians are listening. But why would they listen when the experience they have had in the past has not been a good one?
To begin with, they were told that once APC came into power a litre of PMS was going to sell for N40. Then it became N145 and above. They are not sure right now whether they heard 40 or 140 during the campaign, because the noise was too much. Buhari was busy talkng, making Eldorado promises up and down, Atiku was fuming over being denied the ticket in what seemed abroad daylight robbery at the Teslim Balogun Stadium, Jonathan was busy trying to make tem see Buhari in the light of failure. There were drumbeats, carnivals, entertainments and so forth. The only thing lacking was ideology. They were distracted by the rice, salt, wrappers and the 5000 Naira. They were mesmerized by the corn roasting, hair plaiting, babysitting and akara frying that was flying ‘upandan’.
Then in the middle of all these ruse, they weren’t sure of what they heard. Before they could blink, Buhari was already at Eagle Square saying ‘I belong to everybody, I belong to nobody’. Many were shocked that it happened quicker than they anticipated. But it happened. Just as the issue of the speed of change of guard was at the Aso Rock Villa, so was the rise in prices of goods and everything buyable. Prices are sticky downwards in third world countries. So prices since the ascension of the APC have remained up.
Nigerians now value their hallucinations. It has been a catalogue of disappointment and anguish since Buhari became the president of the country. There has always been a sad story to tell one day orr the other. The man seems satisfied with the level of woes he is spreading across the land. People die in their numbers, Boko Haram has been ‘defeatedly’ killing people. The Chibok girls are nowhere near being found. Oby sef don tire. She’s now picking trash. The girls are on their own. The few that were released were looking well fed and robust, even looking better than those who were freemen. Oby might have reasoned. One of the released girls even said she wanted to go back to her Boko husband. What a country of endless drama!
Then the queues returned in some states. Department of Petroleum Resources in its own officiousness has refused to do anything. It would be until we have a crisis on our hands that they would stand up and begin their eye service supervision.
Now they are asking Nigerians not to buy petroleum products ahead of time. Nigerians are tired of the lies and insensitivity of their governments. What measures have they put in place to ward off potential scarcity? Nothing. Just empty rhetoric and boastings. When it happens, the leaders have a way of accessing their own fuel. They have private jets to fly about while the masses suffer long queues beaten by the wind and the sun.
DPR should get to work now and stop waiting for disaster to happen. It is high time Nigerian institutions stopped being there in name. Anyways, the APC government has shown over time that it cannot be trusted. But they can still prove me wrong by making sure the petroleum products are available this season. Enough of the lies, enough of the deceit. APC government should stop living for itself and the cabals alone. It should begin to live for the masses. Except if APC is trying to tell us that it has some spiritual mandate to punish Nigerians. It must prove me wrong. Buhari, who has not done much in the interest of the masses, should ensure he writes his name in the masses’ good book for once.

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