Systematic Disagreement within a widening political divide is Cheeper than its violent version no doubt../GNR

Systematic Disagreement within a widening political divide is Cheeper than its violent version no doubt..

If the APC is to be resisted effectively by coalition of Presidential aspirants from each Geopolitical zones who will afterwards collapse into a single Chanel. Nigerians should brace up for numerous Presidential aspirants and get use to it.

At the end where the recipient aspirant clinches the Presidency through 2019 Presidential election, such President would in no doubt have a Sense of responsibility to the Dispersed foundation that pillars him up. Such sense of responsibility serves as the energy and support bridge between the Leader and the Led which is translated to the required bricks on Nation building.

This is a distinct advantage where power consciously flows from the bottom to the Apex as opposed to the present model where Power comes from the top to the bottom. In such situation, some Citizens may maintain a deep sense of isolation within the system which is counterproductive.

When you consider the present trend, almost every Nigeria geopolitical zone is up with a presidential aspirants for 2019. This was against the 1999, 2003, 2015 presidential elections record.

Speaking with some Nigerians, they could only point to the present style of Power from top to the bottom as their concern. Where their aspirations and pains may not have secured the desired attention. Some also pointed out the potent danger on their collective peaceful existence and means of livelihood too.

The consequence of this present practice leads to further polarization within Citizens along ethnic, religious and geopolitical line. As some Citizens insist the would find it very difficult to abandon their Kinsmen to vote for any other aspirant from elsewhere who may at the end trash them or rather treat them and their concerns with disdain. We may need to honestly attend to this unspoken psychological consign within the citizens if we still claim to be building a United Nigeria?

Below are the names of some contestants and their Geopolitical zones with their Party platforms.. The rest I shall leave you to imagine and conclude…

Dankwambo- North East =PDP

Turaki – North East =PDP

Kwakwanso- NorthWest =PDP

Lamido- NorhtWest =PDP

Tambulawal- NorthWest =PDP

Muhammadu Buhari – North West= PDP

Atahiru Bafarawa- Northwest =PDP

Saraki- NorthCentral =PDP

David Mark North Central =PDP

Jonah Jang- North Central PDP

Olusegun Mimiko- South West = LP

Fela Durotoye – South West ..ANN

Duke- South South =..SDP?

Sowore – South West= ACC

Obi- South East =PDP

Ezekwsili – South East =..?

Moghalu- South East =YPP

Markarfi- North West =PDP


– Godwin NdidiAmaka Robinson


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