Terrorists in Southern Nigeria..Protect yourself/Iyabode Mia Awolowo

I recalled seeing a video about a mysterious brigde found deep inside the forest in Ogun State few weeks ago. The bridge was said to be constructed to join part of Ondo State to Ogun State.
Similarly, terrorist have been found hiding in uncompleted buildings inside the forest in Oyo State. Other articles and videos are out there with cries from Governors in South South and South East about terrorist groups attacking in their states. Not forgetting the mayhem and killings of innocent people of the Middlebelt who have been killed by foreign terrorist camouflaging as herdsmen.
In the video attached, as someone who speaks French, I can assure Nigerians that the terrorists speaking in the video attached are NOT NIGERIANS but French.
These are the Foreign Fulani terrorists from Niger Republic and Malians that have influx our forest. Their sponsors are the same betrayers who are hiding behind power in Nigeria. Some of them have COWARDLY escaped from the mayhem they created because they want to “rule for ever”. But the ghost of the innocent Nigerians killed mercilessly is torturing them.
The Middlebelt and the Southern Governors should NOT rely on Buhari to combat these terrorist. It is too late for this because Buhari himself cannot remember where or what he is.
What is needed is to take your states as a priority and SMOKE these terrorists when found.
Stop releasing terrorist to Abuja where it is evidenced that they would be released, paid and sponsored again.
And Buhari, his entire families, Service Chiefs or any erats who assumed they are safe from these terrorist killers are just playing dumb because terrorist have no conscience and they kill without caring about who fed them yesterday.

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