The APC Revolt/Araba Fatade Bamidele


Nigeria is a funny nation packed with very queer people. Despite knowing the problems and required solution to an issue, Nigerians would prefer to go on a merry-go-round, beating around the bush. This is exactly what has happened in the ruling APC.

In the build up to the recently concluded congresses, I watched as members of the party played Ostrich, pretending that the NWC of the party led by Chief John Oyegun was the problem of the party. They painted the narrative that once Oyegun is out of the way, APC would fare better. Then they started seeking out a MAGICIAN with a magic wand to turn around the tide. The Tinubu gang of APC acted as if it was Oyegun that was frustrating them since 2015. Meanwhile, anyone with a functional brain could see that the major problem of the party was seating aimlessly in Aso Rock!!! His cluelessness and evil tendencies was wholly responsible for the loss of confidence in the party and general lack of cohesion. Yes, APC got an overrated “magician” as Chairman but the decline couldn’t even wait to happen!!

A clear evidence of the Buhari effect on APC is detailed clearly by the workings of his jaundiced government that continues to be plagued by internal squabbles, lack of cohesion, impunity and disrespect to “PRESIDENTIAL” orders by appointees, general lethargy and gross incompetence.

APC didn’t start to fall just yesterday. Their failure started on the exact day they built a massive rainbow coalition and handed it over to a geriatric “mumu” whose only expertise is rearing of cows and propagating Jihad. Ultimately, it happens that the only area of “SUCCESS” of the Buhari regime was in the systematic approportioning of land to the cattle tribe secondary to very bloody jihad!!

It’s given….. A bird can’t be taller than the length of its leg allows it…..


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