The Atiku Game Changer

For three years the All Progressives Congress has taken Nigerians for a ride. It is no news that the arrogant posturing of the ruling party got to a sickening height. I actually do not know where to place the blame however, whether it is a case of arrogance or fooling people. The APC told Nigerians in pre 2015 that they would change the whole pattern in which the country was run. People clapped for them. They were ushered in with euphoria and glee.
The same party came in on the back of great good will. Then the real art of governance started. It took President Muhammadu Buhari, the man whose ‘integrity’ was sold to Nigerians as the magic wand to totally eliminate corruption, six months to pick his ministers. We the ordinary Nigerians asked why, we were shoved aside and waved away as wailers. A government officially resorted to calling citizens names for asking questions about what was going on.
Questions were asked about why certain names appeared and Nigerians were called names.
It took Femi Adesina, presidential spokesman, to ‘yab’ Nigerians who asked about where their president was. What Nigerians were told? It is like telling a people who gave you so much of their trust and goodwill to go and die, apologies to Comraid sorry, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, the militant National Chairman of the ruling party.
Then came the appointments of his own tribesmen into positions of authority. Most unbearable is buhari’s attitude of disdaining Nigerians. He does whatever h likes without remorse. His inspector general of police, even though proved to be highly incompetent, remained his darling. The chief of army staff remained above the law. Government was shrouded in secrecy and arrogance bluff. The exclusivity was too much.
It got to a point where people were thinking that Buhari had another agenda apart from his naked nepotism and lack of understanding of the basic rudiments of the socio political set up of Nigeria. His statement in the United States of America where he made the historic 97-5% blunder proved to be no blunder after all. He lived to fulfill his nepotic promise by crushing the harmless members of the Independent people of Biafra, IPOB while urging Nigerians to pray for his herdsmen kinsmen who murdered scores with impunity.
Today, the Buhari team is urging Nigerians to vote him again. Nigerians are asking why. This is because even the food items they could afford can no longer be afforded. They no longer have jobs. The country is ridden with banditry.
What is more than rubbing salt to injury? The ministers of Defence, Information, Labour et al think the government of Muhammadu Buhari is doing Nigerians a favour and so resorted to sneering remarks at the suffering of the people.
One very painful statement was made by Lai Mohammed, Minister of Information. He said that the president had spent N2Trillion but projects cannot be seen because of their sizes. These kinds of statements are only made when addressing idiots. The APC government has taken Nigerians for granted for too long.
But Nigerians waited patiently. Then the People’s Democratic Party, PDP held its elective convention and brought in Atiku Abubakar to challenge Buhari in the 2019 presidential elections. That changed the way APC was talking to Nigerians. Suddenly they stopped treating Nigerians like idiots, they started fishing for projects they have done.
The campaigns would soon begin. We need to be convinced to vote APC. They do not need to make any promise. They need to show us what they have done in the past three years.


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