The beginning of wisdom and strength of character or resolve is the proper usage of our God given abilities./CeeJay Amaechi

The beginning of wisdom and strength of character or resolve is the proper usage of our God given abilities.

From the inception of governmental affairs in our country, Nigeria has been blessed by God with human and natural resources, but as a matter of natural principles and biblical narratives, a talent or gift not put in proper usage with time diminishes and isn’t just a crime against the concept and intentions of our creator; in which He admonished humans to multiply not just in bringing multitudes of offsprings but shaping their futures through proper channeling of our God given natural resources,talents and time, in order to bring sanity, sanctity and safe landings for our future generations.

It’s said by scholars of morality that “health is wealth”….

Our political myopia isn’t just appalling but a seeming jinx that has belittled the religious affiliations we hold dear and the almighty God we serve. Nigeria is a project progressing in error because we abuse the trust God entrusted unto us to make a better place out of this earth we all dwell and feed from. Nigeria lacks adequate hospitality facilities to carter for the old who begot us, the sick who served the land, the homeless by virtues of poverty and other factors like displaced citizens who lost loved ones through terrorist invasion of their abodes.

Our bodies are the temple of the Most High God, if we can’t keep the body clean and refreshed, the spiritual aspect of our well beings becomes threatened, and ones it’s developed to a stage of despair, identity crisis sets in… We begin to question the state of our humanity and sanity, which leads most able bodied men/women to take dangerous steps like attempting or actually committing suicide.

Like the scripture portrayed and is the state of affairs today… ” we fight not against flesh and blood but against principalities in high places”… Nigeria and Nigerians are in a battle with the darkness of the universe, the struggle between light and darkness, though, we attribute our sufferings to human errors and pointing accusing fingers to our colonial masters… THE PLACE WE FAIL TO LOOK IS IN THE MIRROR..

Charity begins at home they say, but the essence of self examination, evaluation and self upgrade is measured and achieved within; self motivation is the key to solving huge quagmires.

If Nigerians do wish to continue this journey of a rollercoaster-like nature, dancing around a furnace of confusion while getting burnt, then we’ll reap nothing but ashes of our beloved ones while pointing accusing fingers to others whose sole aim is to pitch us against each other for their selfish gains.

Some of us still demonize the westerners who use us to hasten the economic growth of their countries, but truth be told, we are as clever and as strong in character like they are, we just look in the wrong places for strength and wisdom, which is why we still cling to the ropes of slavery around our necks even while the slave master is far away and afraid to look us in the eyes. Demonizing them and arrogating supernatural powers to them is a well orchestrated scheme to further enslave us by making us so timid and exercerbating the greed and animalistic tendencies in us, it’s a battle for survival where the fittest, in the arts of deception and utmost cruelty wins. We only need to weed out the thorns amidst our tomatoes; clip the wings of the monsters amidst us who succumb to the whims and caprices of this higher powers who will rather watch us butcher one another in millions in order to get to our God given resources.

We ought to be patriotic enough to let our light shine and illuminate the darkness hovering around us, as the lights of the earth, we will fail if let darkness engulf the nook and crannies of our abodes and the very essence of our humanity.

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