The body language was clear, she (Abike Dabiri) sided with her inlaw to humiliate the party leaders/Adedamola Adetayo!!!!

Moments before the free for all stoning began

Adedamola Adetayo wrote on the stoning of APC leaders in Abeokuta fingers abike dabiri

Olabode Oladuja

Trust me, she did!!!

As moderator, she allowed Amosu speak so endlessly, for about AN HOUR. The program started at about 3.30pm, you can imagine!

When Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola was going to speak on behalf of the leaders, no sooner had started his speech than Abike rushing in to practically drag the microphone from him. Rauf didn’t get up to 5mins.

When it was the turn of Oshimhole, PARTY CHAIRMAN, the microphone was abruptly TURNED OFF.

When Amosu returned, ostensibly to respond to Rauf, he had. another field time with the microphone.


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