The CABAL has just been dislodged by the CARTEL…An Opinion About The COS Position


The CABAL has just been dislodged by the CARTEL.

What we saw today was a coup de tat, in which the de facto president is now 100% loyal to the CARTEL. In case you are not aware, the cartel is made of OBJ, TY , Abdul Salami, Guazo, and even their latest recruit, Jonathan. These are the men now running Nigeria through Gambari. Things are about to change.

Aisha wanted control of the villa. She knew she could not do it alone, so reached out to the CARTEL for their assistance, and they willing gave it to her, knowing that the enemy of your enemy is a friend.

Mamman, the head of the CABAL has been fully schemed out. Look out a complete overhaul of Buhari’s cabinet, and all other appointments. Nigeria may just have been saved from the brink of catastrophe. We have Aisha to thank.

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Gambari is a PDP man to the core. All the potential candidates branded by APC were dropped, and a PDP man was put in place.

Never underestimate the power of a beautiful woman who has all the facts.

I watch with glee.

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