The Commissioner For Happiness And Fulfillment /Alex Agbo

The Commissioner For Happiness And Fulfillment
And so we woke up to another comedy for which Nigeria is known across the world. A man sees that his people are very happy with him for his sterling and record breaking performance in terms of immortalizing great Africans and Nigerians who have done great things in their countries. There went5 an uproar about how he wastes money to build statues. Which other state can boast of the presence of international figures in statue forms? Which other state in Nigeria can boast of the biggest Christmas tree? Okorocha keeps pursuing the happiness of his people. This morning, he, scored another first by appointing his hardworking beautiful sister to oversee the happiness of the people and to make sure they are fulfilled in their marriages.
Why are the Imo people so unfair to Okorocha? I expected a barrage of goodwill messages in the newspapers for this courageous move. Let me explain. Only happy people would be mute when their salaries of many months are used to erect a N60 million Christmas tree and they would all troop out to see. Only the happiest people have the ability to troop out to see that their commonwealth has been used to build statues for a man who was walked out of the parliament by his country’s Assemblymen a sitting president.
It is even uncommon happiness to make light what should have been a source of deep sorrow for a state. Imo state is really fortunate to have Okorocha as governor. They should be happy that he even brought presidents into their state. Some of them have not been outside the country before, let alone seeing a live president. And now their governor has brought them home, and even made them permanent residents of the state, yet they are complaining. It doesn’t matter whether it adds to the economic wellbeing of the Imolites. Okorocha’s vision is different. It drives him crazy. It means you have to be crazy to understand Okorocha.
And so he appoints his sister to oversee the happiness of the people. Which state has done that for his people? No one. Even the No Direction, sorry New Direction government of Kogi which doesn’t care about the happiness of its civil servants must start learning one or two things from Imo on how to wisely distract the people by spending their money on foolish things and pocketing the rest. The Kogi instance is even very bad. He is not bringing any president, moulding no statue and paying nobody. The governor spends their salaries printing the names of the ‘verified civil servants’ in newspapers. A man should be happy that his name appeared in a national paper. He should be proud of being a verified worker. That should be a source of contentment for a fulfilled civil servant.
Until Nigerians learn to Say enough, their ‘leaders’ would keep seeing them as ‘fulfilled’. The same people whose salaries were used to build statues are the same people moping at the statues and nodding. They go home to argue. Why would commissioners not be appointed for their happiness and fulfillment?

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