The Evil Effects Of Fixed Primaries

From Camelot’s wall
This is why I said the president himself is as guilty as Amosun, Oshiomole, Tinubu, Osoba, and all the others involved in all the shenanigans that went down in the primaries and the subsequent events and the refusal by all sides to reach any compromise. Those that I blame the most are the ones who attempted to revise history and those who organized fictitious primaries and allocated non-existent votes. The APC National Working Committee egged on by Oshiomole, Tinubu, and Osoba. Blame also goes to the one who wanted to foist all his candidates at all costs on the party, Amosun. Of course, he looked south and saw the precedence in Lagos. So, why shouldn’t he do the same in his own domain? And finally, blame goes to the president, Buhari, who could not put his party’s interests above his personal relationships. He could not or he refused to rein in his friend, Amosun. Personally, I hope neither APC nor PDP wins the governorship election in Ogun State. Radical change is needed and desired in Ogun State.


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