The Gists From Social Media And Matters Arising./Alex Agbo

The Gists From Social Media And Matters Arising.
When you think you have heard it all then, wait for the Nigerian cyberspace. As I was preparing to pen down a different opinion, like a flash something caught my attention. It is the story of Abdulrasheed Maina, erstwhile[?] Nigerian pension chief who was declared wanted by the immediate past administration led by Dr Goodluck Jonathan, for allegedly pilfering pension funds. Mr Maina was ‘reinstated’ by the present administration but the president says he is not aware and yet the pension fund agency runs with billions of people’s money on daily bases. This is an argument for another day.
As usual in a country typifying Anesi Okoro’s Wilson Tagbo, Nigeria is a country of one week one trouble or to put it more succinctly, one week one disturbing news. It is said to be disturbing because most of the news coming out of Nigeria stands logic on its head.
Maina told Channels television that some members of the Cabal are hunting him and have promised to deal with him should he tell Nigerians what he knows about the disappearance of the funds from under his nose. He expects us to clap for him actually. And some Nigerians as usual did clap for him.
I didn’t lap, and it’s for a reason. Maina should have utilized the opportunity of the window granted by the Television station to start a little kerfuffle in the cabal’s stronghold. If president Buhari does not deal with the Maina case then he stands to lose his credibility as a man of integrity.
Then there was this gist again, that Mr Lai Mohammed, Nigeria’s Information minister says the media [online or mainstream] should please stop saying that President Buhari has lost the anti- corruption war. What a plea! So, people are begged to not say what they deem true? Can Nigeria get any more ridiculous? A whole Information minister urging the media to fill the people with half truth and even outright mendacity is the height of panic and degradation of that exalted office of his. The media trial that has gone on for almost two years have started to wane in their potency, owing to the fact that a lot of these detained men have not been tried or have had their trials delayed unreasonably while their mates in the present administration are walking free. Many have come to see such as mere charade. Sambo Dasuki was clamped into detention since 2015 that the security agencies invaded his house in gestapo style. He has not been seen since then in public, despite ECOWAS court’s pronouncement that he be released. This is while Lawal Babachir, erstwhile secretary to the government of the federation walks free after being ‘sacked’. Yet Mr Mohammed says we should say otherwise.
The things you read on Facebook! Cherry Obi came with another news to stop us in our tracks while trying to deal with serious issues. She cursed the movie directors and pageantry organisers who saw her undies but did not keep their promises. Biko what else do we do in this country when we hear such things? Our future wives have decided to spread their undies in public space, and are not even ashamed of it! What has come over us all? This should be one sad thing. Unemployment, loss of morals and quest for fame have made our girls, and even boys lose self respect. Where did she keep her undies to be seen only by directors and organiser? But she is still way better than our countrymen who are being sold into slavery in Libya. This is while the government is solely concerned with 2019.
Our country needs an overhaul and it is pathetic that those who should know better are the ones supporting ineffective people in government. The economy is in shambles, our countrymen are looking for hope where there is no hope, anywhere outside the country is best for them. The government should sit up. While they are singing the ‘Jonathan’ number, Nigeria is losing men and resources.

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