The ” Hideouts” of the Southern Kaduna Terrorists/A Concerned Nigerian

The local name of the forests are KAMUKU and KUYANBANA FORESTS,about 50km away from Birnin-Gwari main town( depending on the direction one take to reach to the area). The forests links communities in Birnin Gwari in Kaduna State, Dansadau in Katsina State and Sabuwa in Zamfara State. A significant number of criminal gangs initially focused on cattle rustling have made the forest their home from where they wreck havoc on the three communities.
Most of the cattle in the area have already been rustled,the farmers there either killed or forced to migrate and. As is well known, 90% of our beef comes from Fulani pastoralists and their cattle have become a magnet of attacks by the gangs located within the Kuyanbana Forest. From cattle rustling, the gangs have moved into kidnapping and mass killings of innocent villagers. Most of the villages in Kuyanbana forest have been wiped out, the bandits have occupied some of the villages living together with the original occupants on conditions that they would not reveals their secrets to security personnel or connive with them to attack them,in this kind of villages they used public schools as their hideouts. They move freely with their guns day and night. But majority of the bandits are in the forest mostly in caves, valleys or on top of hills. They strike almost every day along Birnin-Gwari- Funtua road unchallenged. They abduct motorists and take them to the bush,they a times attack other villages and abduct women after killing the men. In fact,all the surrounding villages in Birnin-Gwari and those other neighbouring areas are sleeping with one eye. Birnin-Gwari-Funtua road is now almost abandoned by the motorists. But unfortunately even the Birnin-Gwari-Kaduna road that seemed to be more safer has now been a dangerous road much more than before as even last week they kidnapped more than 50 people along the road. Thank you,may God bless you.(pardon me for errors,I was in haste)


Birnin Gwari Update…4 villages attacked several dead

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