The hunter is hunted..the case of Momoh/Godwin Ndidiamaka Robinson

I watched Tony Momoh of Channels Television complain about the activities of social media, especially as it borders on news reportage and how to manage same in 2019 general elections.

While some of us are very much aware that the media machinery stands for information, education and entertainment, it is also important we all consider the present echo changes in our 21st century which cuts across most human activities and without exception media and news.
Considered it would be unhealthy to defend some scrupulous and mischievous activities of some social media practitioners, it will also be unfair to insist our today’s society continue to patronize the traditional media the same way it did in the 18th century etc.
Mr Momoh the human society has proven to be more generic than we all thought. Lifestyle, taste and preferences has changed severally. The same reason Channels Television maintains a steady feed on her Ireports news bar regardless of how unprofessional that feed has been, but still with a huge positive result on our communities.
We all would also agree like I always say that the Earth seems to be under a new facility management.
My above conclusion was informed by these dynamic changes.
We may have to wake up to the reality that Social media or New media, whatever you chose to call it, has come to stay and would continue to evolve and find her space. With each passing day, we continue to record new entrants and some exit too but the truth remains that it is evolving very fast.
I shall advice Tony and Co. not to repeat the mistake of the Swiss watch makers nor the Western automakers to the Japanese quartz and auto technologies, the real world is about evolution and it could become a futile effort in trying to stop these media generic changes.
Even though it might be wrong to opine that some traditional media patronizers may not have dropped for some reasons as the focus is now on the social media for news and happenings of the day, it is actually a statical fact, that the mobile population increases and so all so their diets got to be upwardly mobile.
So It would be safe to recommend that Frontline media practitioners should sit down and evolve more while taking greater advantage of the social media rather than complain or seek for some unpleasant govt restrictions before 2019 general elections.
Let’s sit down and study the situations to do better. – Godwin NdidiAmaka ROBINSON (GNR)

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