The Limits Of Religion /Ade Abiodun


There’s a church in South Korea called Shincheonji Church of Jesus.

The church has influence over more than 200,000 South Koreans

It is headed by an 88 year old man called Lee Man-hee who is revered by his followers as the “Promised Pastor” who has taken on the mantle of Jesus Christ and will take 144,000 people with him to heaven on the Day of Judgement, which he will usher in within his own lifetime.

To his followers, he is a descendant of the ancient kings who ruled Korea centuries ago, “the angel” Jesus sent for mankind, and the one and only “counselor” who can interpret the symbols and secret codes hidden in the Bible’s Book of Revelation.

To officials and politicians, he is a villain, the leader of a religious cult who is thwarting the government’s efforts to contain the exploding coronavirus outbreak in South Korea.

At worship, Shincheonji members sit close together on the floor and pray extensively in what critics say creates an ideal environment to spread viral infections. This church/cult has contributed to the spread of the CoronaVirus which has infected over 4000 people in South Korea with about 26 of them dead and at least 60 percent connected to Shincheonji’s branch in Daegu, a city in the southeast .

Last week he blamed the epidemic on “the evil who got jealous of Shincheonji’s rapid growth.
“When night passes, dawn will arrive,” he said then.

My point

1. Religious Stupidity is no respecter of nation or race so don’t just think it’s a Nigerian thing

2. Religious stupidity is not the reason why any nation is backward, if you know how to drive a car your religious stupidity wont erase your driving skills neither will being woke give you driving skills if you don’t know how to drive. If your aggregate productivity as a nation is low, being woke wont change anything

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