The next focus after Sambisa is Mandara mountain..the favourite Bh holiday spot

The Mandara Mountains are a volcanic range extending about 190 km along the northern part of the Cameroon–Nigeria border, from the Benue River in the south to the north-west of Maroua in the north. The highest elevation is the summit of Mount Oupay, at 1,494 m above sea level.

Boko Haram, the bush masters, village attackers and terrorists, have inexorably extended their insurgency beyond national borders to the entire area of the former Kanem-Bornu Empire. The sect gained a safe haven when it took the Mandara Mountains on Cameroon’s border in 2014. In Boko Haram, the mountain people see the return of precolonial raiders and a revival of ancient rivalries. Excessive islamization drives the communities’ indoctrination into the service of Boko Haram. All communities are ordered to choose sides for or against this new islamic order, plunging many regions into a climate of civil war

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