The Place Of The Stool In Contemporary Nigeria/Dr Sam Amadi

Nigerians worry but don’t dig deep. The travail of Sanusi should provoke a debate on whether and how we should sustain traditional institutions in a democracy. The legitimacy of political power in a democracy is that it is won in a competitive election. Thus, the Governor is the person with that legitimacy. The legitimacy of tradition rulership depends on ascription. The formal state has swallowed the traditional state and reinvented it in its image. So whether you are Ooni, Emir, Sultan or Obi, you are an appointee of the Governor.

That’s the legacy of colonial rule. We need to solve this contradiction. If we want to have traditional rulership as cultural institution it should be just be recognized by the state and not in anyway appointed or assisted by the formal state. Any community can organize itself culturally as it wants as long as it does not challenge d legality, authority & autonomy of the formal state. As governorship aspirant in Imo in APGA I presented that resolution. Govt will not appoint or finance chiefdoms. Any culturally distinct group can organize itself culturally as it likes

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