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Police Anti Kidnapping Unit Question Ifere Paul


CrossRiverWatch is still gathering more details on the arrest of Ifere Paul in Abuja late Thursday by detectives from the Cross River command of the Nigeria Police.


CrossRiverWatch gathered that detectives led by one “Abangson” went via Arik air from Calabar to Abuja and picked Ifere in what his lawyer say was a “gestapo style” arrest and drove all night to arrive Calabar at about 3am Friday.


Ifere was questioned yesterday (Friday) by detectives in the anti-kidnapping unit of the SCID, headquarters, Diamond Hill, Calabar. He was questioned without a lawyer as no one is allowed to see him.


A Police source informed CrossRiverWatch that the interrogation revolved around Ifere’s prior knowledge of some criminal activities in the state before they happen.


“He used to post information on his facebook wall about some criminal activities like robbery and kidnapping in the state before they happen. The Police is interested in knowing what is his connection with those kidnapping gangs. So that was the thrust of our interrogation.” One police source told us.


The State Chairman of the All Progressives Congress APC, Mr. Ochalla, visited the Police headquarters in company of another party chieftain, Barrister Utum Eteng, but were delayed for hours, till evening, before being allowed to have brief audience with Ifere, after seeing the DC in charge.


CrossRiverWatch gathered that the female Deputy Commissioner of Police DC, in charge of the matter was very livid with the officer that directed the APC stalwarts to her office.


A senior police officer who did not want to be named told our source who went undercover at the station yesterday that “I don’t really see this case as a criminal case. It is rather a political case. The attitude of our officers in charge is clear that this is political. The CP is not around. He is in Abuja. Let him come back and let us see his own attitude to the case but so far, I don’t think that facebook post alone is what will warrant this kind of seriousness and hostile moves we are seeing in this case. But like I said, let the CP return.


“And I suspect that before he will return, ¬†Ifere will already be in Afokang prison. It’s just that they finished late on Friday. They had already called the CJ. They want to just frame any charges based on his statement and charge him before any magistrate and remand him then dump the file with DPP. ¬†But they finished late. They will do that on Monday. Police want to remove pressure from us and shift it to the court.”



Post script
He was released on bail on the 23rd October

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