Tidal in partnership with MTN

Tidal in partnership with MTN announces plans to launch in Uganda and across Africa.

The partnership provides MTN customers with a variety of options for a data-inclusive Tidal membership as part of their plan to gain access to exclusive high-quality streaming music, videos, concerts and more.

The partnership, launched in Uganda but set to be rolled out in other MTN operations across Africa, comes with an array of membership options where customers can tap into one, three, seven and 30-day memberships, all of which include data and a free 30-day trial for all first-time member.

On MTN partnesrhip with Tidal artist- owner Damian Marley noted:

I remember hearing stories about my father‘s records being destroyed once they got to Africa. They didn’t want the people to hear the message in the music. What a beautiful day it is now when Africa will not only have access to my family’s music but to all music that exists.


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