Tinubu And His Presidential Dream/Adedamola Adetayo

It is because we haven’t been a critical observer else we ought to have known that Bola Tinubu’s lifelong ambition is the Presidency of Nigeria.

He has been scheming and positioning himself since 1991 when he came out for the Senate.

Like the “Don” he is, and with his exceedingly sharp intelligence, grassroots network and street sense, he has been planting the “nodes” in strategic places of the Political networks.

In fairness to him, he is infinitely and more eminently qualified than Buhari, Jonathan and Obasanjo all rolled and combined together.

But he has a problem! He is just about as WEALTHY, as vast and independent minded and as “loose” with money as Bashorun MKO Abiola. The ESTABLISHMENT that runs Nigeria cant possibly handle a man that has MKO Abiola’s qualities also holding Presidential Powers.

They will normally support a “NOBODY” from nowhere and assist him stumble on Power.

They will attempt to undermine his ambitions.

But they have a problem that they may not even yet know. Bola Tinubu is a very “craze man”. That man has such sagacity that it will be stupid to under estimate him.

He will not go down easily and that’s dangerous.

It is one of the reason that i am amused by this Pastor Tunde Bakare’s angle to the equation. Our Elders say: If an animal were to knock a man down, would it be a snail simply because it thinks it has horns?

We have very interesting times ahead!

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