Tinubu Has Been Reduced to a mere regional APC Leader – Doyin Okupe

“Its simply ETHNICITY. This monster has done more harm to Nigeria as a nation more than anything else. Sometimes we confuse it with Religion. This is a sad fallacy. Ethnicity supercedes religion in terms of the evils holding the Nation down.

“MKO Abiola was a Muslim but when the chips were down Ethnicity shot him down both as a party man in NPN and as a President elect in SDP.

“Even more recently Asiwaju Tinubu national leader of the APC though a staunch Muslim is more or less reduced to a southwest leader of APC. He will disagree with me for obvious reasons but I know what I am saying is the Truth.

Read more:https://www.ireporteronline.com/tinubu-reduced-mere-regional-apc-leader-doyin-okupe/

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